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追加遊戲綁定方式 (Apple 帳號 及 Google 帳號)

為避免單一平台帳號登入出現問題,我們追加 Facebook 以外的遊戲綁定方式 (Apple 帳號 及 Google 帳號),讓召喚師在出現登入異常問題時仍有其他方式登入遊戲帳號。召喚師可進行額外綁定,日後可自行選擇已綁定的登入方式進入遊戲,並且不會因追加綁定影響遊戲進度。

為避免因突發情況出現令召喚師帳號登入受阻,影響遊戲體驗,我們強烈建議召喚師即時加入 Facebook 以外的遊戲綁定方式。

*使用 Apple 帳號 或 Google 帳號進行綁定後,均可獲得魔法石 2 粒,感謝召喚師關注帳號登入的安全。

註1: Android 裝置無法綁定 Apple 帳號,召喚師可選擇使用 iOS 裝置綁定 Apple 帳號

In case of any login issues with single-platform bound accounts, we have added other binding methods (Apple account and Google account) besides Facebook so that Summoners can still log in when there is an abnormal access issue with Facebook. Summoners can choose their ways of login freely after the additional binding, which will not affect any game progress.

To prevent login issues caused by any emergencies that may affect Summoners’= game experience, we strongly encourage Summoners to bind their accounts immediately with other methods besides Facebook.

*To thank Summoners for paying attention to login security, Summoners can get 2 Diamonds after binding their game accounts to their Apple or Google account.

Note1: Apple account cannot be bound with Android devices. Summoners can use IOS devices to bind their Apple accounts